Te Roroa me Ngati Whatua nga Iwi, Ngai Te Rore te Hapu
Practice Manager / Social Worker

Kei te taha o Papa: Te Roroa me Ngati Whatua te Iwi, Ngai Te Rore te Hapu. Kei te taha o Mama; Kuki Airani, Aitutaki te Motu, Vaipae te nohonga Iwi, Ngati Kaura te anau.

Maunganui te Maunga, Kaihu te Awa, Mahuhu-Ki-Te-Rangi te Waka, Te Roroa me Ngati Whatua nga Iwi, Ngai Te Rore te Hapu, Waikaraka te Marae.

Every day I am amazed by the strength whānau have in pursuit of Mauri Ora. The relationships I am able to build with whānau creates an ahua of privilege that I do not take lightly. Connecting with people has and will always be a driving force in the mahi I do, supported by tikanga.

Having worked in different services/organisations Government and non-Government over the many years, I have been able to accumulate many skills, knowledge and experience to assist whānau as we, together navigate toward Mauri Ora.

Working at Te Hau Āwhiowhio ō Otangarei Trust, I have been witness to the commitment and aroha a community can have for each other, which re-enforces my belief that I made the right choice of working here.

My hope for the future is to be able to travel to third world countries and do what we do here.