Mangamuka Marae Far North District

Sponsors of this year’s cook off December 2019
E Tu Otangarei , E Tu Ngapuhi, E Tu Managamuka
Reclaiming tikanga, foster pride and affirm identity as the foundation for positive change in our community.

To Promote the E Tu Whanau Movement, and kaupapa, to whanau living in the area of Mangamuka. E Tu whanau is a movement to eliminate all forms of Violence towards whanau, using the 6 E Tu Whanau Values of Whanaungatanga, Mana Manaaki, Aroha, whakapapa, korero Awhi, Tikanga.

Mangamuka is a very rural and remote part of the Far North District, almost 40 mins drive from the 2 main town ships of Kaitaia and Kaikohe, and predominately a Maori community, with a radio station, a dairy, a retired hotel, a bit of farming, and the occasional wood chopping or tree butting contracts that emerge.

About 50 to 60 whanau participated in the whanau cook off competition, include 9 contestants in total. The idea of the cook off was to utilise the E Tu Whanau Values in the preparation and presentation of the Cook off competition, as well as local ingredients sourced from within the Mangamuka area.


  1. To Raise the issues, and talk about them openly and encourage others to do the same, problems and family violence flourish where there is secrecy and shame.
  2. Identify and talk about the E Tu Whanau Values.


Continue to build the mana of whanau, through executing more events and activations within the Mangamuka region, including workshops and wananga, into te Ao Maori concepts around positive change.

Being more explicit around the Tikanga and Korero Awhi aspects, both from a preventative space, and by promoting the protective values of ETW

Follow Up:

Lock in dates for the ETW worker calendar of events 2020.


There is no one solution to solving the issue of whanau violence, but one thing is sure, is that it will take a whole lot of activities, conversations, engagements and gatherings to rid us of these dilemma, this small activation is the 3rd part of many activations we intend on growing and executing within the Mangamuka region, and we hope that the investments and time that all our stakeholders, volunteers, and sponsers, put into our action, is rewarding on your behalf. We look forward to more, energetic and fun loving things to come, here in the heart of the far north region, Mangamuka, E Tu Mangamuka, te mana o nga whanau o konei.



We would like to acknowledge our sponsor, Te Hau Awhiowhio O Otangarei Trust, for their contribution and the prizes provided.  And the winners of the cook off competition. 

To Janine Kaipo, Executive manager of Te Hauawhiowhio, and their Board for the resource. We were able to reward our winners with the most fantastic prizes Mangamuka have ever seen.

The results are as follows:

1st place: Cyril Chapman With His presentation called Mana Kai

2nd place: Aunty Bobby Davis “Te Aroha”

3rd place: Debra Nelson and her husband Tom “ Whakawhanaungatanga o nga Hua”

4th Place: Keri Jackson ( purengi Aroha)

Congratulations also to the recipient of the  $100 cash prize, for the Karaoke champions, that entertained the crowd whilst the cook off was going on.

And the $950 raised by the community that was donated to the Mangamuka primary school swimming pool project.