About Us

Te piki ō te ora, tērā te tupu ō te rākau.

With improved wellbeing, the tree will grow.

Haere mai ki Te Hau Āwhiowhio ō Otangarei.  Welcome to our website.
We are a kaupapa Māori organization and embrace all cultures using a whanau ora approach.

Our Vision:

Proactive, proud and prosperous whānau enhancing wellness together.

Our Mission:

Real, responsive, reciprocal relationships to elevate whānau and communities

The strategic intent of our organisations focus is:  

Mā te tautoko a ngā kaitātaki ka tū pakari te hāpori

With vibrant community leadership whānau will thrive with confidence

The principles we uphold:

These are derived from kōrero by Associate Professor Mānuka Hēnare (2014) detailed in He Korunga ō ngā Tikanga: Pluralism Ethics – Matrix of Ethics, which is based on a philosophy of tika (search for the truth of things).

Kawa Atua

Principles from the Atua (Gods)

Tikanga Tangata

Principles and ethics developed by
Tangata (Man)

We value:


Unity, collective action to common purpose for common good


Autonomy, self-determination, control over one’s destiny

Strategic Plan

In 2015 we developed a Strategic Plan to guide us towards 2025.  Our Strategic Plan is our living, working document that ensures we uphold our Vision, our Mission and our Values.  It talks about WHAT we want to achieve, HOW we aim to achieve and THEN what we expect to happen. Here is our most recent Strategic Vision re-developed in 2021.

Annual Reports

Our Logo

The logo design created I believe speaks of the nature of the place that the
new trust represents. It speaks of whanau, community, place past and present, and of people.

The design takes the form of the whale tail to recognise Whangarei Terenga
Paraoa and movement of both entities blending, the form also represents a
bird which acknowledges Tukaiaia and Ngatiwai.

The flow of the design is representative of air movement, the koru pattern speaks of the people and their individual journeys beginning small like the seed shot and slowly building and growing stronger, but still keeping its form, staying true.

The unaunahi (crescent moon shape) that I have used in the interior are to acknowledge the multitude of different peoples and cultures of the area, they also represent the gardening area of nga otaota o rei.

The Artist

I am Amorangi Renata Hikuroa.

I am of Nga Puhi and Ngati Maniapoto decent.

I reside in Whangarei.

I am a Clay artist and member of Nga Kaihanga Uku (Maori Clay Workers Crew).

For me the medium of clay is a very powerful alchemy, we wield all the
elements to create our mahi.

I feel privileged to be part of the whakapapa of Uku, an ancient history
connecting us to our pacific Tupuna. I am influenced by Te Ao Maori, and by the ceramic histories of our ancient peoples from which Uku has had a part to play in their story for thousands of years.

From the tangata whenua of Amerika, of Africa, of Europe, of Asia, all the way back to the Jomon people of ancient Japan 6000BC.