All 12 Kaimahi Gain Employment!

The Parks Maintenance Project in partnership with Whangarei District Council Parks and Recreation employs 12 local whānau who have been impacted by Covid 19 through loss of income or limited employment options.

The 12 kaimahi are employed by the trust and seconded to Northland Park Care Services (subcontractors across Northland through the WDC).

Northland Park Care provide landscaping, excavation and pathway laying for the WDC and were open to working with potentially unskilled kaimahi to add labour capacity for an already established team. The key project for the team was the walking and cycle path in Vinegar Hill, Tikipunga.

As part of the induction process, the 12 kaimahi completed certified skills training before being allowed on-site. This training was focused on Health and Safety and First Aid.
The initial agreement was from July 2020 to November 2020, with an expectation that path laying work would be completed within that time frame.
The project was completed on time and the team were offered an extension on their employment agreement. 10 kaimahi accepted, remaining employed for a further 3 months. The remaining 2 kaimahi moved into full time employment elsewhere.

The work experience was invaluable, with the opportunity for whānau/kaimahi to contribute to a project in the community they also live in was enriching for both kaimahi and Te Hau Āwhiowhio ō Otangarei.

We are happy to report that all 12 kaimahi found employment at the end of this contract. One of our team remained with Northland Park Care and others were able to use the skills, experience and certificates they had acquired to secure other gainful employment opportunities.