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The Ministry of Social Development has granted funding to implement a new employment-ready programme for beneficiaries residing in our Otangarei community.  This is a collaborative engagement strategy with Work and Income, who will assist in referring eligible beneficiaries to our programme.

The employment-ready programme is part-time employment while receiving the benefit.  Individuals retain their current benefit with the added advantage of a financial top-up each week.

The programme aims to prepare people for employment by motivating them and focusing them on the work to be undertaken, as well as teaching them good work ethics (getting to work everyday, getting to work on time, scheduled work breaks, social relationships and rewards of employment).

Currently, the work involves the beautification of the Otangarei community.

Keep an eye out for our Rākau Maro team in their hi-viz and safety gear, doing their part to make our community of Otangarei look beautiful.

He rau ringa e oti ai.  Many hands make light work.