Many rangatahi live rurally or are isolated from employment or education opportunities with no access to transport or without driver licenses. Furthermore, employment is often seasonal in rural areas and does not always result in full time employment or further opportunities.

One rangatahi faced with this scenario, was not entirely confident that he would obtain full time employment or be able to source a vehicle to practice driving to sit his restricted driving test.
His key worker was able to build networks with services that were available in the area, then collaborate with a driving instructor who allowed the rangatahi to borrow his car to sit his restricted license in.

A key component in this situation was the relationships between the key worker, provider networks and between the rangatahi and key worker.
The rangatahi was aware of other services in his area and communicated this to his key worker, who was then able to build a relationship with these services to produce a positive outcome.
The key worker observed a significant change in the attitude of the rangatahi towards his goals. His driving instructor also stated he was attending and engaging in his lessons well.
He appeared more motivated and was able to reach out to his whānau who supported him in travelling to Whangarei to sit his restricted license, and on the day of his test, he successfully passed!

This opened up opportunities for the rangatahi, who is now employed on an Oyster Farm and can travel to other employment or training opportunities to up-skill. He no longer relies only on seasonal or local employment, and can provide for his young whānau.
Engaged in employment for a number of months now, he is tracking well for a brighter future. His key worker also provided him with work gear, ensuring he can maintain employment for the long term.

The relationship between the rangatahi and the key worker remains strong, however with his new found independence the rangatahi has been able to further his independence skills and walk down his own path.