Ngati Moerewa te hapū, Ngapuhi nui te Iwi
Kaiarahi Kaupapa

Tautoro te Maunga, Punakitere te Awa, Ngatokimatawharua te Waka.
Mahuhu ki te riingi te wharenui, Puhikairarunga to whare kai.

I have worked in different roles over the years.The work was to seek better outcomes for our people. I joined Te Hau Awhiowhio 2 years ago and found that the community services within the organisation were on the same whakaaro that i had been doing for many years. I have committed to sharing all my knowledge with whanau and the staff.
It has been wonderful to be back working with whānau and have seen their growth of knowledge, health, study, and employment.
What are my thoughts about the future can be seen with the quote i often utilise.
A vision without a task is a dream
A dream without a vision is drudgery
BUT a vision with a task can change the world.